Monday, February 8, 2010

The Art of the Postcard

Back in November, I came across a post on the Postcrossing forum where a member was asking to be sent postcards for a project he was working on. Kerry Jeffrey is the postmaster of the small town of Cornelius in Oregon, and he was planning an exhibition of postcards from all over the world in the lobby of the post office. :-) I immediately decided to contribute.

Since Cornelius apparently is known for its blueberries, I decided to send my trusty berry card. I sent it ... on the 12th of November, I think.

The card arrived safely and became part of the exhibition, which opened on January 11th and which you can see lots of pictures from here. The prize was that everyone who sent a card and included their address would get a card back, and I did, on January 19th. Neat. :-)

A great idea for a local project. I would love to see my post office do something like that. :-)

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liberal sprinkles said...

wow what a fantastic idea for a project! I love it. That card you received is fantastic and I love berries so I love your card too. Nice! I'm checking out postcard blogs today, glad to have come by. I also have a postcard blog and a more eclectic main blog where I write about everything. Have a great day!