Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Received card #40

My 40th card arrived from a town I think I've heard of, but I may be wrong - Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. It shows a very small section of a place called Mammoth Cave, which is considered the biggest known cave in the world. How cool is that. :-)

Monica is a Terry Pratchett fan like me, and her favorite of his books is Good Omens, which he cowrote with Neil Gaiman. I agree, I really can't recommend that book enough. :-)

The card was sent on January 9th, it traveled 6,905 kilometers in nine days to reach me on January 18th.

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Monica said...

Correct...it is Bowling Green, Kentucky. Kentucky is the "blue grass state." Our state flower is goldenrod, our state tree is the Ky Coffee tree, and state bird is the cardinal of which we have many in our snowy yard today (o:

What a lovely idea for a blog!