Monday, February 1, 2010

Received card #34

My 34th card came from Pempelfort in Düsseldorf in Germany, and it was kind of a surprise to me ... because only a few days earlier, I had already got a card from this same guy. :-D So I was surprised to see his distinctive handwriting on another card soon afterwards. The first card came from a swap on Swap-bot, and nordbaer had noticed the coinkydink too. :-) I was so thrilled with the card, because I had never expected to receive one like it ... I do have The X Files listed as one of my favorite TV shows on my profile, but I'd never thought that I would really get an X Files postcard. But wouldn't you know, someone had one! Yay!! It was a wonderful treat for me and I loved finding it in my mailbox. :-)

The card was sent on January 6th and it traveled 997 kilometers in six days, to brighten my afternoon on January 12th. :-)

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