Thursday, February 11, 2010

Received card #42

My 42nd card came from Germany ... from a town called Kraichtal, that I'd never heard of before. But now I know that it's in Baden-Württemberg. :-)

The card shows various views from around town ... it looks like a beautiful place. Silke and I apparently have some things in common - she is a Keanufan too, loves to read and to eat chocolate. ;-) A sensible person, in other words! :-D

This card was sent on January 20th, it traveled 1,205 kilometers in three days and arrived in my mailbox on January 23rd.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Received card #41

My 41st card arrived from Näsijärvi in Finland. I'm sorry to say that I had no earthly idea where that was. :-) But now I know that it's not too far from Tampere. You can always learn something new through Postcrossing ... ! :-)

Saara works at a post office - what a perfect job for a Postcrosser! :-) - and she wrote on the card in Swedish, which I of course can read. I can't read Finnish though ;-) but Saara translated the text on the card for me. It says Just for you - personally.

The card was sent on January 20th, and it took three days to cover its 731-kilometer journey; it arrived in my mailbox on January 23rd.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Received card #40

My 40th card arrived from a town I think I've heard of, but I may be wrong - Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. It shows a very small section of a place called Mammoth Cave, which is considered the biggest known cave in the world. How cool is that. :-)

Monica is a Terry Pratchett fan like me, and her favorite of his books is Good Omens, which he cowrote with Neil Gaiman. I agree, I really can't recommend that book enough. :-)

The card was sent on January 9th, it traveled 6,905 kilometers in nine days to reach me on January 18th.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Art of the Postcard

Back in November, I came across a post on the Postcrossing forum where a member was asking to be sent postcards for a project he was working on. Kerry Jeffrey is the postmaster of the small town of Cornelius in Oregon, and he was planning an exhibition of postcards from all over the world in the lobby of the post office. :-) I immediately decided to contribute.

Since Cornelius apparently is known for its blueberries, I decided to send my trusty berry card. I sent it ... on the 12th of November, I think.

The card arrived safely and became part of the exhibition, which opened on January 11th and which you can see lots of pictures from here. The prize was that everyone who sent a card and included their address would get a card back, and I did, on January 19th. Neat. :-)

A great idea for a local project. I would love to see my post office do something like that. :-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Received card #39

My 39th card came from Trimley St Martin outside of Felixstowe in the east of England. From the pictures on the card the latter looks like a very charming town. :-) But it's also Europe's busiest container port - I didn't know that, so I learned something new from this card. :-)

David (who's #2 in the UK!) also told me about a film made in Felixstowe - some friends of his made it, it was called The Lost Sock and was about aliens landing on the pier. :-D I think I'd like to see that film ... ;-)

The card was sent on January 13th and reached me in only three days, after traveling 1,060 kilometers.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Received card #38

Not too long before receiving this card, I'd done a swap with a Russian, Genia in St Petersburg ... so it was a real coincidence when only a week and a half later an official card arrived from there too. :-) Tania sent this fun card with cute doggies. It's a really nice painting. The title is The February, apparently. :-)

The card was sent on January 4th, and it traveled 1,090 kilometers in 11 days to arrive in my mailbox on January 15th.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sent card #46

Part of the Postcrossing system is that you never send to the same address twice, and you never receive from the person you send to. However, at least the latter sometimes happens anyway, as I can vouch for. :-) In early January I got a card from Tanja in Turku, Finland, and then, only ten days later, I pulled her address as the destination for my 46th card. How is that possible? Because Tanja has three PX accounts, but the system thinks she is three different users. :-) So on January 15th, I sent her this card, showing some views of the Vigeland Park, one of the main tourist attractions here in Oslo.

Tanja is interested in seeing things that are special to the sender's city or country, so I thought she would like this card.

It had 640 kilometers to travel, and it covered the distance in four days to arrive on January 19th. Tanja's added it to her favorites, so my assumption was correct. ;-)