Friday, January 22, 2010

Swap #9

This swap was initiated by me and the other user both. :-) I was just surfing the site and I came across this card, which I thought was just beautiful ... so I commented to say as much, and added it to my favorites wall. Soon after I got an email from the sender, Genia in St Petersburg, asking if I wanted to swap. Sure! I asked if he could get me the card I'd favorited. Obviously, if he couldn't, no problem, he could just send something else. He wanted a card showing some of the beautiful nature here in Norway. I picked this one, from northern Norway. I sent it on December 17th.

On January 4th, I got an envelope from Russia ... I was surprised to see an envelope, because I had just been expecting one card. But Genia had sent two, because he thought it was a little sad that his card of the Bronze Horseman wouldn't be a surprise to me. So he'd added another card too. How sweet! :-) I'm thinking of something else to send to him in return. :-)

Some very nice stamps too, on the envelope.


dager said...

Hi! I'm Gerda from Belgium and I love that Arctic Norway card... Would you be interested in a private swap?(have lots of Belgian cards to choose from)
Thanks in advance!:)


Leisha Camden said...

Hi! Sure, I'd love to do a swap with you. It'll be the first swap that'll happen because of this blog - how cool is that. :-) Only problem is that the card I sent to Genia was the only one I had of those ... I'll try to find another one of them and let you know if I'm in luck. :-)