Friday, October 30, 2009

Received card #1

My first received card arrived on October 9th. What a great surprise! :-) I had thought it would have taken longer - it had only been two days since my first sent card had been registered as received. But it's obviously true that as soon as that happens with one of your sent cards, you're put on the list to receive. As soon as. :-) I was thrilled to get the card, it was a lovely card and it really brightened my day. :-)

The card was sent by Merja in Lappi in Finland. The stamp is amazing, it shows a viviparous lizard lying on a rock, and it's just beautiful. It says in my profile that I like reptiles a lot, and Merja seemed to have really taken that into consideration. So that made me happy. :-)

I have a suggestion on my profile about what people can write on their cards to me - a question for them to answer, specifically. Namely this: What are the the top three things that any visitor to your town ought to see? Merja thinks that in Lappi, what a tourist should be sure not to miss are the fields and forests of the area, lake Pyhäjärvi, and a bronze age burial site that is on the World Heritage list. So I really learned something new from her card. :-)

The card travelled 638 kilometers to get to me, and it took two days.

And here's the lovely stamp. :-) Click to enlarge, to really see the wonderful detail.

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