Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sent card #8

The eighth address I was assigned was in Monterrey in Mexico. The recipient was Erika, who says on her profile that she's happy with any postcard theme. Among other things she mentioned flowers ... so I picked this pretty floral card again. :-)

This card was sent on October 9th. It's still on the road after almost three weeks. Maybe not surprising - it has 8,659 kilometers to travel ... :-) I hope to hear it's arrived any day now.

Update: After the card had been on the road for one month, I emailed Erika to ask if the card had arrived ... I thought maybe I could have forgotten to write the ID number on it. But unfortunately this was not the case. I sent another identical card, this time in an envelope, on November 19th. Fingers crossed. :-)

Update: The card is now expired as of December 8th. :-( Of course it may still arrive, but after 60 days it unfortunately hasn't.

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