Saturday, October 31, 2009

Received card #2

The second card I received came from Sonja in Iceland. She is German but has lived in Reykjavik for going on four years. She likes to take photos - check out her gorgeous galleries on Flickr, here - and the card she sent me was one she'd had made from one of her own photos. This was quite inspiring to me ... more on that later. :-) She visited Norway, among other places Oslo, on her honeymoon in 2008 and she loved it here. Always nice to hear. :-) What she mentioned as being different between Norway and Iceland was something I'd noticed and been affected by as well on my trip to Iceland in 2001.

The card was sent on October 7th, and it took three days to arrive, having traveled 1,752 kilometers, on October 10th.


SOe said...

I am happy that you enjoyed my card so much. Greetings from white Iceland (we got a bit snow on Sunday), Sonja

Leisha Camden said...

So did we here in Oslo ... but it's mostly all gone again now ... :-)