Friday, November 27, 2009

My postcard collection - the golden oldies

I used to have an enormous collection of free postcards ... and I mean really enormous ... way before Postcrossing was even invented. Postcards I didn't really do anything with, but mostly just let pile up. One time years ago I tidied up this pile and got rid of some of it ... the really useless ones. :-) You know, the kind with writing printed all over the back and no space to write anything ... and really glaring ad-type artwork, for things that I didn't even like. So a lot of it, like maybe half, got thrown out. But I kept the rest. For no reason, I didn't really use them for anything. But I kept them - thinking, I suppose, that one day they might come in handy. Yay me! :-D That day did finally come. By then of course I'd forgotten where I'd put this stash of going-on-vintage postcards, but as I was going through some desk drawers the other day looking for something else entirely, suddenly they turned up again. :-)

Not all of these are freebies - some are actually touristy cards that I must have bought at some point, and look at picture #5, I've even got lenticulars. I'd totally forgotten about those. What fun it is to find cool stuff you'd forgotten that you even had. :-D

And a few days later, again looking for something else, I found even more cards ... ! :-D More lenticulars ... ! :-)

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