Monday, November 16, 2009

Sent card #16

My 16th card went to a pretty exotic location - Russia. But not just anywhere in Russia ... to a place I had never ever heard about in my life before. o_O Elena lives in Yoshkar-Ola, which is the capital of Mari El, a republic in the Russian federation, the existence of which was news to me. Had you ever heard of it?? :-) I read up on it online and felt quite proud of myself for learning something very new that day. :-)

Elena wanted to be sent a phrase in my language, and she was interested in pictures from nature ... so I decided to send this card, with an adorable frog on it and a few words in Norwegian that mean How are you doing?

I sent the card on October 24th. It had 2,178 kilometers to travel. It took forever! It actually expired and I started to give up on it ... but on January 9th, it finally arrived!! 78 days! :-D That's a record for me. I was SO happy to get that email. :-)

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