Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sent card #10

The tenth address I pulled was in Taiwan. Coolness. :-) All the more so since, when I looked at the recipient's profile, the chances seemed to be good that my card would be the first Postcrossing card this member would ever receive. :-D And that's how it turned out, too. Judychu had sent one card and received none ... mine was the first she received. I was really happy to send her that card. :-)

Judychu had no personal information in her profile, so I picked something neutral to send to her - I figured that this colorful sunflower card would be appreciated by most people. When the card arrived she said that she liked it, anyway. :-)

The card was sent on October 14th - my birthday! - and it travelled 8,704 kilometers to arrive in Taipei on October 21st.

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