Friday, November 20, 2009

Received card #11

My 11th card came from Hoogland in the Netherlands. Another Dutch town I'd never heard of. :-) Floor sent me a card with a pretty and evocative and very Dutch image ... she thought it fitted the season - almost Halloween. :-)

According to Floor, the three best things to see in Hoogland are the local zoo (which I think may be some kind of petting zoo?), the St Joris church and its tower, and the town wall. Ooh, I love town walls. I wish Oslo had one. :-)

This card was sent on October 27th, and it covered its 925-kilometer journey in three days.

Update: As we see from the comments on this post, Amersfoort Zoo is a regular zoo with lots of different animals (some of them extremely cute! ;-) - visit them online here. :-)


Smittend said...

It's me... Floor. The Zoo in Amersfoort is a real Zoo. With all kind of animals.. It's located on the Edge of Amersfoort in the forest. Recently there was a elefant born there ... so cute. :)

Smittend said...

p.s. Hoogland is part of the city Amersfoort. Used to be a village next to it.

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks for the info!! I really appreciate it, I love learning more about the places my cards have come from. :-) I looked at the zoo's website, it looks great. And a baby elephant ... !! Aww! Baby elephants are just the cutest. :-)

Thanks for your comments and info!!