Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sent card #17

My 17th card went in roughly the same direction as the 16th. :-) Gabrielle lives in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. She's not too impressed with her country though. In fact she is/was quite down on it in her profile, saying that there's little to be proud of in present-day Ukraine, that it's only their history that is great. As an ESC fan I could of course not let that stand, so I just had to remind her of some of the wonderful entries Ukraine has sent in recent years. (Not this year's entry, though, no. *shudder*)

She wanted to see 'some view of my land' :-) so I decided to sent yet another of the cards I have had made from my own photos. This one is a very lucky shot that I took on a day-long hike to the Vulu valley in Rondane national park, showing one of the wild reindeer that live in the area.

The card was sent on October 28th, and it took five days to cover the 1,632 kilometers between Oslo and Kyiv; it arrived on November 2nd.

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