Sunday, November 29, 2009

Received card #14

My 14th card came from Brazil - from Rio de Janeiro, a place which I was excited to get a card from as I have friends there and hope to visit one day. :-) The photo on the card isn't from Rio, but from Teresópolis, a much smaller town not far away. It's famous in Brazil for its natural beauties ... part of it is a national park and it has a number of beautiful mountains. A lot of skiing going on there. :-)

Ana says that the top things to do in Rio are to visit the Sugarloaf mountain and to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcovado.

Ana included her address and said she'd be thrilled if I would send her a card in return. (She wants to visit Norway one day, because she really likes cod. :-D) This is something that happens every so often with official Postcrossing cards, that people ask to be sent a card back ... some PXers are against the practice and others don't mind. This was the first time I'd had such a request, and I decided to go along with it. Ana had made a real effort with her card to me, she's young and enthusiastic :-) - I sent her a card back, although I can't quite remember which one. But I sent something. :-)

The card was sent on October 22nd. It traveled a very impressive 10,393 kilometers in 12 days to reach me on November 3rd. (Part of a really good Postcrossing week, I got two cards on the 3rd and three on the 4th. :-) My longest traveling received card by far up to now.

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