Friday, January 8, 2010

Received card #27

This card arrived on December 18th, but wasn't registered till the 22nd. My computer was still in the shop and on top of that, I was sick and couldn't go in to work, so couldn't register it there either. But I registered it the first chance I got. :-)

Mandy is an American, she comes from Ohio, but she lives in Nanjing in China where she works as a teacher. She's in China's top fifty. Nice. :-) She wrote that she chose this card for me because I like pictures from nature. And, yeah, wow. An amazing animal. I've seen them in real life a couple of times, but only in captivity.

According to Mandy, these are the top three things to see in Nanjing: Purple Mountain, Confusius' temple and the downtown area/city center. :-)

This card was sent on December 1st, and it traveled 7,897 kilometers in 17 days.

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