Friday, January 1, 2010

Received card #24

My 24th card came from Denmark, where I hadn't gotten any cards from before ... or sent any cards to, for that matter. There's something weird about Denmark - there are more Danes than there are Finns (OK, not a lot more, but still) but even so there is nowhere near the same amount of activity in Denmark as there is in Finland, absolutely nowhere near. Not on Postcrossing, and I've seen the exact same thing on BookCrossing. It's so weird. Though maybe it's the Finns who are the weird ones? ;-)

Anyway, a Christmas card from Denmark. Solveig is #1 on both number of cards sent and longest distance sent from Denmark. More than 1,100 cards. Impressive. I guess having that many cards going out means you don't have time to write much on each one. Which is a big reason why I won't ever be in the top ten list. ;-)

This isn't really a postcard, but actually a notecard ... so it's square and because of that hard to photograph well. I couldn't manage a picture without all that table surface in it too. Alas. :-)

This card was sent on December 2nd and traveled 483 kilometers in one week to arrive on December 9th. I think that must be the shortest distance any of my PX cards has traveled so far. Still no cards to or from Sweden ... :-)

One thing that was really great was that Solveig had sealed the envelope with this 'Hopenhagen' sticker. Obviously the climate conference in Copenhagen was coming up when she sent the card. It's a very cool sticker and I really appreciate getting it. :-)

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Arlene the Biker Queen said...

Here's a bunch of eco-friendly Postcards from Hopenhagen that everybody should enjoy!