Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sent card #34

My 34th card went to the Netherlands again. Lots of Dutch people on PX. :-) Jacoba was a new member, and now that I've learned to 'read' the site properly I could tell exactly what had happened ... she had signed up and requested an address, sent the card and then just waited. The card took 13 days to arrive, and just after its recipient, Chigusa from Japan, had registered it, I requested an address, and Jacoba's was at the top of the list. :-) My card was the first ever Postcrossing card she'd receive. How cool is that. :-)

Jacoba lives in Britsum, which is either in Leeuwarden or very close to it - and she wanted to see a picture from my area. She also wanted to know what a tourist to my town should be sure not to miss. I sent this card with a picture of one of the many granite statues in the Vigeland Park, and told her something about the park on the card.

I sent the card on December 13th. It had 805 kilometers to travel and made the journey in six days to arrive on December 19th. Jacoba's first Postcrossing card, and she really liked it. She said she'll be sure to visit the Vigeland Park if she ever comes to Oslo. ;-)


Sheila said...

Lucky Jacoba! That is a great card of a beautiful statue.

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks, I thought so. :-)