Monday, January 4, 2010

Swap #8

My 8th swap was initiated by me. I was surfing the site and when I looked at members in Macau - just a random click that led me to the listings for that country (I mean, administrative region) - and I was quite surprised when I saw that Dianna, who's #1 on both counts in Macau, is interested in swapping cards. Usually people in the top ten aren't - they have enough sending out their official cards, I'm sure. :-) But Dianna wanted to trade, so when I saw 'fruit trees' on her wish list on her profile I emailed her and offered to send a card with an image from the apple orchards in Hardanger in the West Country here in Norway. She was thrilled by the thought of a fruit tree card from Norway and agreed to the swap effusively. :-)

I sent this card on November 9th.

I was very happy to receive this beautiful card on December 14th ...

... and more than a little surprised to receive this on the following day, December 15th. Two cards for the price of one! How sweet! :-)

This card is from Taiwan - I wonder if maybe Dianna was on vacation there? :-)

I will be sending Dianna another card - I have one in mind already - so she will be mentioned on this blog again. :-)

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