Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sent card #35

My 35th card went to the Netherlands again. Loes lives in Leeuwarden (Mata Hari's home town ;-) and has a really great profile on Postcrossing. :-) Not sure I can explain why but I really like her profile. :-) She's a pretty new user and my card would be the first PX card she'd receive; I got her address on December 21st; I requested an address right after Loes' first sent card had been registered as received by AnnaR in Finland. I love watching the Postcrossing system in action like that. :-) It's the third time this has happened to me and I think it's so great every time. :-)

I sent Loes one of my own creations from I hoped she'd like it. :-)

I sent the card on December 22nd. It had 805 kilometers to travel and took a long time to get there - 16 days! It arrived on January 6th. But I guess the Christmas rush may have played a part there. :-)


GypsyPunk said...

Hi Leisha!

Nice to hear from you! will also follow! Am new to swapbot and enjoying it!

Leisha Camden said...

Nice to see you here! Swap-bot's great, I'm only sorry I didn't join sooner. :-)