Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sent card #33

My 33rd card went to Wees in Germany. I have to confess I hadn't heard about this town before, but it's in the north ... so far north, in fact, that Christina (who is half Danish) even works in Denmark. :-) She likes buildings and castles, among other things, so I sent this card, which shows one of the extremely few castles we have here in Norway - Akershus Fortress in Oslo, constructed over many centuries from ca 1200 onwards.

Since Christina says she understands Norwegian in addition to Danish - and that's no surprise, since the written forms of the two languages are pretty much the same - I wrote part of the card in Norwegian.

I sent the card on December 10th. It only had 575 kilometers to travel, but it still took a worryingly long time to arrive ... but finally did on December 28th. :-)

In other news: Happy new year 2010!!! :-)

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