Saturday, December 26, 2009

An Austrian surprise

I got a card from Austria back in October, it was a great Turnowsky card with wonderful little elephants on it. I blogged about this card about three weeks later, here, and I posted the url as a comment on the card on the Postcrossing site. Anita who sent the card read the blog post and decided to surprise me ... with another wonderful Turnowsky card!!

This arrived in my mailbox on December 5th. It was such a lovely surprise, I totally wasn't expecting any such thing. I was so happy to get it. Postcrossers are wonderful people. :-)

I couldn't let a thing like this pass by unnoticed, so I asked Anita to give me her address so I could send her a card in return. Looking at her wish list on her profile, I thought of several cards I could send ... and I ended up with this one, to match her interest in ships, especially 'named sailing-ships'. The perfect card for the occasion. :-)

This card shows the SS Sørlandet, one of the three most famous sailing ships in Norway (the other two are Christian Radich and Statsraad Lehmkuhl, but I couldn't find any cards with either of them). Sørlandet (the name means 'the South Country') is the oldest full rigged ship still under sail in the whole world.

I sent the card on December 11th. It arrived on December 17th and Anita seemed to really like it. Good news all round. :-)

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