Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Swap #3

This swap again was initiated by me and I came across the user while just surfing the site. I had bought some typically touristy cards while shopping a few days before and one of them fit really well with Danhong's profile - she likes cards with black and white photos, and she's also interested in portraits of royalty.

We exchanged addresses and I sent this card on November 10th. It is an official portrait of Harald V, the currently reigning king of Norway.

On November 17th, I received an email from Danhong while at work, saying that my card had arrived and thanking me for the swap. When I got home that afternoon, this card had arrived in my mailbox from Sydney, Australia. :-)

Danhong was just on her way to a big adventure - the day after my card arrived she traveled to Peru :-o to spend several months there visiting with friends. (It's summer vacation in Australia now. :-) Oh, she's so lucky!! I dream of going to Peru one day and seeing Machu Picchu. :-) When she read this on my profile, Danhong offered to send me a card from Peru too, if she could find one (and a post office ;-). Aw, that's so sweet. I told her she is under no obligation to do so, but that I will really appreciate it if she manages to find a card for me. If she does I will of course send her another card too. Fingers crossed. :-)

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