Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sent card #26

My 26th card went to the US again - to Fresno, California. Eleanor (who I think is quite young? :-) seems to be very interested in sports, and especially in cycling. I've never seen a postcard with a famous Norwegian sports personality (although I haven't looked for one either) but as luck would have it I did have a card with a bicycle on it. :-) Kind of an arty one. I decided to send that; I hope she'll like it. :-) It doesn't look like anything else in her received gallery, so hopefully she will appreciate this addition to her collection. :-)

She asks about people's favorite things in her profile, so I told her that my favorite color is green and my favorite city to visit is York in the north of England. Also, since she mentions that she loves audiobooks, I had to recommend an audiobook to her too - Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. An absolutely amazing audiobook that I just can't recommend highly enough. :-)

I sent the card on November 20th. It traveled 8,372 kilometers in eleven days to arrive on December 1st. :-) Eleanor's added it to her favorites now, so apparently she did really appreciate it. ;-)


postcrossingandotherthingsilike said...

ooooh I LOVE the Cloud Atlas audiobook too! it's so great! I've listened to it again and again. my favourite part is the thriller section with Louisa's so cosy to listen to!

Leisha Camden said...

I was totally blown away by that book, it's amazing. I didn't know anything about it, I just picked it up at the library because I needed an extra audiobook, and when I spotted this one I remembered that it's on the list of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die ... :-) So I just started listening to it without knowing the first thing about it, and I was just overwhelmed. So creative and clever and imaginative, and so well read. I totally loved it. :-)