Sunday, December 20, 2009

Received card #22

My 22nd card came from Finland again - from Vantaa, where I've gotten a card from previously as well. The more the merrier, I say. :-)

Alisa, who was thrilled to be able to send a card to Norway - although I was probably more thrilled to get it! :-) - is from Helsinki, but has lived in Vantaa for about two and a half years. She agrees with Sari that Heureka is a place not to be missed. :-) She also thinks tourists to her area should see lake Kuusijärvi and its scenic surroundings, and a place called the Viherpaja Garden Center, where apparently they have a Japanese garden. Ooh, I'd like to see that ... :-)

This pretty wintry card was sent on November 24th, and it traveled 794 kilometers in six days to reach me on November 30th.

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