Monday, December 14, 2009

Received card #19

When this card arrived I was soo thrilled to see it ... I hadn't gotten any official Postcrossing cards for almost three weeks. I was sad. :-( But of course this pretty butterfly card cheered me up no end. :-) Gabriela from Frankfurt am Main wanted to swap some cards with me ... I was of course interested in that, after what felt like a long drought ;-) so I asked for her address in my response message when I registered the card. Presumably Gabriela will be mentioned on the blog again. :-)

The card was sent on November 20th; it traveled 1,098 kilometers in four days to reach me on November 24th.


Anonymous said...

beautiful card! I hate it when I don't get any cards for ages :( Then I get 3 at once :D Hope I get one soon! I think Xmas is slowing everything down!

Leisha Camden said...

You're probably right, there's so much mail at this time of year that pretty much everything gets delayed. :-) And you're totally right that it's soo typical to get nothing for a while and then lots all at once ... :-D