Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sent card #23

This card is special to me - because although it was my 23rd sent card, it was the 20th of my cards that was registered as received. And when that happened, my 'card allowance' went up by one. :-D As of the arrival of this card in Espoo in Finland, I could have six cards traveling at once instead of five. Yay, me! :-D

Mia wanted a card from my town and she wanted to know what I like best about my town. I sent her a card showing two of the most famous (and one of them the most important) buildings in Oslo, and I wrote that something I really love about Oslo is that it has all you can want in a city, but it's also quite small and compact, so that it's easy to get around. It also has a wonderful public transport system, which is very important to me, since I don't drive. :-)

I sent the card on November 17th - it seemed like forever since I'd last sent an official PX card! :-D - and it traveled 773 kilometers in three days to arrive on November 20th.

The building in the top picture is Grand Hotel, in the café of which the great Henrik Ibsen used to drink his coffee every day, and the lower picture shows our Parliament building, Stortinget.

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