Friday, December 11, 2009

Sent card #25

My 25th card went to Tampere in Finland. The recipient, user Hukka1979, is a very active Postcrosser, but doesn't have a lot of information about herself on her profile. So I wasn't sure what to send ... I picked the card below because I thought I'd seen something quite similar in her favorites gallery, but a couple of days after it was sent I realized that it wasn't in favorites, but just in received. :-( So that was kind of a screwup. But I hoped she'd like the card anyway.

I sent the card on November 20th. It traveled 731 kilometers in four days and arrived on November 24th. Hukka1979 seemed like she really did like it. :-)

Update: This card has now been added to Hukka1979's favorites, so yeah, she must have really liked it. :-)

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