Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Received card #23

My 23rd card arrived from an extremely exotic place - Tahiti!! :-o Or to be correct, French Polynesia. This country is extremely rare in Postcrossing terms - my card was in fact only the 91st PX card ever sent from there. Lucky me!! :-) When I saw it, I could hardly believe where it had come from ... :-)

The sender of this card is the 2nd most active Postcrosser in French Polynesia. :-) I couldn't quite figure out where she lives ... Google Maps tell me it's a place called Windward Islands on Tahiti. Not sure that can be right. :-) But I love the card, regardless. It's so pretty, and it's traveled so far! It was sent on November 26th, and it covered its amazing journey of 15,037 kilometers in twelve days to arrive in my mailbox on December 8th.

Wow. :-)

My longest traveling received card so far, hands down.

The three best things about Tahiti, according to Jeminys: the natural beauties of the island, the kindness and friendliness of the people, and the cool lifestyle. :-)

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