Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Postcards from Pomegranate

From a discussion on the Postcrossing forum, about where to get postcards online, I picked up a tip about the publisher Pomegranate and their online store. They publish a lot of great Edward Gorey stuff, so I was already disposed to like them. ;-) It was mentioned on this thread that they do a kind of surprise package deal ... 200 randomly selected postcards, all different, for a good price. I couldn't resist ... !! :-) Not all the previous customers on the forum were equally happy, but when my cards finally arrived I thought it was a good selection. Very varied, no two cards alike, and good quality cards that I'm sure I'll find happy recipients for. :-)

However, even so, I don't think I'll be ordering from them again. Partly the price - the cards themselves weren't too expensive, but with the shipping to Norway and an extra fee charged by DHL the order as a whole ended up costing too much for my liking. It also took a really long time for the package to arrive. I placed the order on November 5th, then got an email on November ... 13th, I think, saying that my items had been sent, but the package still didn't arrive before December 8th. And the information on the box indicated that it certainly had not been sent on November 13th. >:-( So ... not too happy with that, unfortunately. Probably won't be shopping there again, and can only recommend doing so with reservations.

Anyway, I think I have enough of their type of card now to last a good long while, so it doesn't really matter, I suspect. ;-)

In addition to the surprise grab bag package of cards I also bought some postcard books. V. nice ones, all of them.

Pictures of all the cards I got are in one of my Photobucket albums, here. All clearly labeled Pomegranate. Too many to post all of them here, but here are some of the most interesting ones.

I also got these ten cards as a thank-you present for ordering.

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