Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Received card #17

The third and last card to arrive on November 4th came from China. Yay. :-) I love getting cards from China - I had an amazing time there on a three week round trip some years ago. I did not visit Huang's home town of Guangzhou, but a number of other cities.

The card Huang sent shows a view from the Xiaoqikong Park in Guizhou province.

It was sent on October 23rd, and it traveled 8,477 kilometers in 12 days.

The stamp on the card was beautiful - it showed a gorgeous dragonfly, which is my favorite insect, I love these creatures. :-) This was quite a coincidence, since I had actually forgotten to add dragonflies to my favorites list on my profile. (I've fixed that now. ;-) So I was just really lucky. :-)

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