Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sent card #27

Address number 27 was in Finland again. Always Finland. :-) But I'm not complaining, because sending to the land of a thousand lakes I know that the cards will arrive quickly. ;-)

Kajoniemi lives in Kouvola where she works as a teacher. Her two main preferences are map cards and pictures of squirrels (she teaches geography and biology :-). Seeing this, I thought that I didn't really have either ... so I went to look at her favorites to see if she had anything there that might resemble something I have. But every single card on her favorites wall - more than fifty - was a squirrel card! :-D I was in a bit of a quandary as I haven't seen either of these two types of card around here. So I decided to look through my stash to see if I had anything at all that might fit the bill. And guess what I found - a squirrel card ... !! :-D

OK, probably not what Kajoniemi has in mind. But I hope she'll like it anyway. The card shows a Sunday strip of the Norwegian comic Kampen Park, in which the two main characters are a gay couple who are also squirrels. :-D Sending it, I was really curious about the response I'd get. :-) I sent the card in an envelope because Kajoniemi asks on her profile that if possible an extra stamp should be sent along with the card, for her collection.

I sent the card on November 25th; it traveled 883 kilometers in five days to arrive in Kouvola on November 30th. Kajoniemi did like it and also understood quite a bit of it as she knows Swedish pretty well. So yay, success. :-)

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